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  • What is an essay?
  • How to write an essay?
  • Where to look for an essay pattern?
  • What outline does the essay have?
  • What style are essays written?
  • What should be the right essay?
  • How to write an essay engagingly and interestingly?
  • What are essay reflection scenarios?
  • Where can I Find Essays to Download?
  • How to order 100% original documents for your essay at the server ?

What is an essay

If you are wondering what an essay is, then you have just found an article that will give you all the answers to your questions about this service! The essay is a literary journalistic section of shorter to medium size, which reflects on a certain topic and reflects more views from which it is possible to view the matter.

Historically, the essay is a very narrowly defined genre that has allowed many thinkers (Michel de Montaigne, John Locke, Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Francis Bacon,…) to articulate their thoughts. Today, however, the concept of essay has been significantly devalued and often understood by ordinary secondary school thinking. However, in the literary tradition, the term essay still understands a consistent, linguistically refined and richly thought-out structure that places considerable demands on the author in terms of the ability to think systematically, artificially formulate and critically make judgment.

Another variant of the essay is the so-called academic essay, which is a text from the English-speaking world. Its aim is to offer an original reflection on the chosen issue, which, however, must be substantiated by its own research and appropriate citation of the secondary literature. It is certainly not an arbitrary exhibition by one’s own unjustified opinions – an academic essay is primarily an exercise aimed at improving argumentation skills.

In the essay, we distinguish, once again historically, three traditions – Anglo-Saxon, French and German. The Anglo-Saxon essay is mainly a genre corresponding to our reflection. It is one of the most frequently commissioned assignments at Anglo-American schools. The French essay, on the other hand, is a long-term professional treatise (as we know it from the French philosophical tradition of Michel de Montaigne or Jean-Jaques Rousseau). The Essay School is characterized by its emphasis on philosophical or cultural issues, or reflecting on some current social theme.

How to write an essay

There are somewhat different rules for writing essays than for other essays. This applies in particular to the outline of the essay, which is considerably freer than the other genres. For an essay, it is not mandatory to determine which points it must contain – it is more of an essay to be based on a logical line of thought, it is not necessary to stick rigidly to the points as in case of reasoning.

In the case of an essay, the stylistic side also plays a major role. For example, the essay, along with the feuillet, is something of a royal discipline among all stylistic features, which is also due to the names that are historically associated with it. The language of the essay should be refined, expressively rich, elegant, innovative and aesthetically valuable. It is expected that the author has already mastered the grammar and the basics of stylistics perfectly and that his essay can bring some added value over the ordinary reasoning. In addition to the lessons and entertainment, the essay should provide the reader with an aesthetic and literary impression. Other elements of the essay are irony, exaggeration, and some subliminal interaction between writer and reader.

Essay Reflections Scenarios

Two related genres – scenarios and reflections – should be mentioned in the context of the essay. The screenplay is a text based on which a theatrical performance, film or television production takes place. The scenario includes a list of all dialogues and scenic instructions, such as the deployment of characters and scenery, light effects, dramatic effects, dictations of individual outputs, and so on.

On the other hand, the reasoning is not meant to be performed, it is a much more abstract genre. Its purpose is to reflect on a selected problem, whether specific or general. After considering all the arguments, the author should come to his own opinion, which he should justify at the end of the reasoning. 

How to order essay documents?

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