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Do you not have any experience with stylistic thinking yet, but does the teacher require you to elaborate on it? Are you tired of thinking about the problems, but would you still like to get a good rating for your consideration? Do you know how to think? Do you need to clarify what the outline of the reflection looks like? Looking for a pattern of reflection on the Internet? Wondering what scripts, essays and reflections are?

However, our PR article on reflection will not leave you in doubt about this genre. Please read the following instructions on how to write a research! However, in the following article, if you don’t find all the advice you need to consider, we also offer you a unique opportunity to order creative and high-quality materials to consider the text! Thanks to more than 150 processors and eight years on the market, we can offer first-class quality services that you will undoubtedly appreciate during your studies!

Read on to learn everything you need to know about styling work!

  • What is reasoning?
  • How is the reasoning written?
  • What does the pattern look like?
  • What outline does the reasoning have?
  • What is the range of reasoning?
  • How to write a nice consideration?
  • How to write a reflection on life?
  • What Are Essay Scenarios Considerations?
  • Where can language corrections for stylistic work be done?
  • How to order a customized review at the server?

Consideration of stylistic work

Reflection is a kind of style work that is one of the most demanding. This is mainly due to the fact that considerations place considerably higher intellectual demands on pupils than eg narration.

It is possible to meet with reflection already in elementary school, but in its full version you will probably come across it at grammar school or other high school. However, you can meet with reflection at the maturitní zkouška, therefore we strongly recommend not to underestimate this genre, because you could become fatal later.

How the thought is written

Basically, there are two models you can hold to consider (see below). But equally important is the emphasis on the lexical (verbal) aspect. Every style of work puts more emphasis on another part of speech, while in narration there are verbs, in the description or on the contrary, adjectives.

This is a strange group of verbs, which in Latin is referred to as verba dicendi, that is, verbs introducing one’s own opinion. To avoid repeating only the words “think” or “think”, we offer you a list of a few examples of these words: to be, to believe, to hold an opinion, to agree, to resist, to identify, to ignore, to take into research, to claim, to propose , object, support opinion,…

As for the two basic ways to structure your reasoning, these are: you can either proceed from specific to general or vice versa. In any case, your reasoning should have a total of five paragraphs – an introduction, then three paragraphs on the arguments for and against, and of course summarizing the conclusion in which you express your opinion.


It is also important to focus on the argumentation aspect of this work when writing a reflection. It goes without saying that consideration is not a scientific publication, but on the other hand it is not possible to present its own unsubstantiated opinions without any logic.

You should be preoccupied, objective and open to more opinions in your consideration. Only after considering all the arguments should you make your own reasoned and well-founded opinion. Also avoid the so-called argumentative fouls, such as excessive generalization, demagogic claims, ad hominem arguments (going into the personal sphere), etc.

Essay Reflections Scenarios

The essay essay scenarios are three similar to each other, but very different in some ways. So let’s talk about each of them.

The script is a textual artwork of any theater performance, television production, film or series. The screenplay is designed to perform either on stage or on a TV screen. It therefore contains a summary of all replicas (dialogues and monologues), scenic instructions, dramatic effects, and also determines the appearance of the scene, lighting, etc. According to the script, the dialogues of the characters, including non-verbal communication, unfold. However, the scenario may also leave some creative freedom to both the director and the actors themselves.

On the other hand, essays are semi-professional, half-journalistic texts of a shorter or medium size. Their aim is to reflect on a certain problem, often accompanied by irony and exaggeration. The essay places considerable intellectual and linguistic demands on the author. For more information on this text, see. PR Essay.

The essay is characterized by both a shorter range and a lower level of expertise than the essay. You will also come to think more often at elementary or high school, while the essay is a rather college one. We would like to refer you to PR Consideration for a further nice summary.

Life considerations

The themes of reflection that are closely related to life are often taught at our schools, especially with regard to the accessibility and generality of the subject. Life considerations may relate to love, friendship, emotion, family, interpersonal relationships, etc.

It is precisely the fact that the theme of life is accessible to all people in the same way can tempt to try to take away the perverse, tautological statements of evident reality (the claim of “life is just as it is”, etc.). It is understandable that your thinking about life does not have to be a well of wisdom, but that does not mean that you should not care enough about it and try at least some originality.

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